MgA. Nina Ščamborová

Freelance Director of Photography, Editor and Director.


Date of birth: 04.04.1991

Birth Place: Košice, Slovak republic

Address: Prague, Czech Republic

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2005-2010 Bilingual Gymnasium Park Mládeže 5, Košice, Slovak republic. Graduated in Slovak, English and Spanish language. Graduate Proficiency Exam in Spanish language, El Bachillerato.

2011-2015 Film academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek. Field: Director of Photography. Profesors: F.A.Brabec, Jiří Macháně


2005-2010 Art school, Field: painting, drawing and graphic arts

2008-2010 Art school, Field: photography, film and animation

2013 Internship in ACE post-production studio, Prague


Slovak- native speaker

Czech- active

English- active

Spanish- passive



- Reklamama production / Beltfilm production / Billa / Česká farma / Albert / Président / Albatros / Kuyb / Epico / Člověk v tísni / Witkowitz / Genesis / Wozeechech / Dermacol / České dráhy / Tatra  / DHL /Primark / Jana Minaříková / Gabina Parálová / Psy High festival  / Mime fest festival / Cirkopolis festival / Mime Prague / Tantehorse / Švandovo divadlo / Radim Vizváry / Jakub Urban / Heli Vaatainen

Music video:

- Wildcatfilms production / Desmod / Horkýže slíže / Mista / Helenine oči / Zakázaný ovoce / Roman Tomeš / Markéta Irglová / Magdaléna / Sharkass / Helemese / Janek Ledecký / The Probe / Václav Neckař / Laura a její tygři / Mňága a žďorp / Sára Lagová / Tomáš Pastrňák / Cirkus Brothers / Yellow Sisters / Timudej / Marta Jandová / Lenka Nová / Crossband / Last Station / Narttu / Divá Baara / James Harries / Newtime / Ella / Hush / Helemese / Medvěd 009 / Movebreakers / Laura a její tygři / Mrakoplaš / 3logit / Animation People Studio


Director of Photography


  • determination of a visual style based on the story, storyboarding, establishing the best dramatic shots using camera movements, compositing and color grading


  • lighting, compositing, camera movements, camera technical settings 
  • working with different types of ALEXA / RED / SONY / BLACKMAGIC / DSLR cameras
  • working with greenscreen and cooperation with EFX studio
  • working on puppet animation set, including different styles of lighting, compositing and camera movements - including Motion Controls system, Dragonframe and DMX light controls

Post Production:

  • cooperation with color grading and compositing of the shots
  •  establishing post-production camera movements

Camera operator, Camera assistant and Focus puller.

Working with digital technologies and analog film.


Editing short spots, adds and musical videos using Adobe Premiere.

Colour Grading:

Working with a dynamic link composition between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.


Directing short adds, promos and musical clips.

Specialization: Cinematoraphy / Photography


Mac, PC, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, 2D Graphics.


  • • Travelling
  • • Sport: snowboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, windsurfing, surfing, longboarding, tracking
  • • painting, drawing and graphic arts
  • • art and documentary photography



  • DOP on a lot of music videos with Wildcat Film Production
  • DOP on different commercials under Wildcat Films, Reklamama or Raido Production
  • DOP on short film Traces of memory, directed by Lucka Gukkertová
  • DOP on documentary Dialogues with Zuleyha shoot in Turkey, directed by Rashid Aghamaliyev 
  • Camera Operator on different commercials under BELTFILM Production and F.A.Brabec as Director and DOP.
  • 2019 - Camera assistant/focus puller/camera operator on long length stop motion movie Even Mice belong to heaven, under Radek Loukota as DOP.

My career as Director of Photography didn´t start in my early years as is the case with most cinematographers. In my first year at the Gymnasium I realised that languages are not my strength. However, thanks to my obstinate nature I decided to stay and fight for long five years. Afterwards, I enrolled at Art school and started doing painting, drawing, photography and filmmaking. This wonderful experience led me abroad where I continued in art studies at the Art High School.

When I came to Film academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek, I completely fell in love with its art life, artistic people, the freedom of expression and team work. My favourite was the visual part of filmmaking because I could draw and paint pictures with the camera. I could free my fantasy and give my pictures life. Year by year, I was discovering the enjoyable but also the difficult challenges of cinematography. Working with different crews (national and international) gave me the necessary experience with various film genres, camera equipment and lighting styles.

During this five-year study program I was taught by two reputable Czech Directors of Cinematography. The first was Doc. MgA. F.A. Brabec, who mainly taught me different styles of lighting, composition and visual styles of storytelling. The second was professor Jiří Macháně who introduced me to the world of analog cinematography, its styles and concepts. I would also like to mention Mr. Martin Preiss, who lead my Bachelor Thesis “Innovative ways of camera language“ and architect Mr. Jindřich Goetz who introduced me to different perspectives of visual filmmaking.

I always look forward to new experience, collaboration and challenging projects. Every new project gets me one step closer to my dream - to be a great cinematographer with the ability to immerse people in my world of visual fantasy.