Behind the scenes of all the different projects - music videos, narrative short movies and commercials as DOP or Camera Operator.

Every project is different, everytime you learn or discover something new.

It would be nothing without  patience and trust of my film colleagues, productions, clients and friends...Thanks a  lot.



BTS - Zakázaný ovoce - Představ si - DOP

War scene and handheld using  in music video from Zakázaný ovoce.



BTS - Horkýže slíže - Na compe - DOP

Bar scene using  POV helm, handheld and importance of storyboard in music video from Horkýže slíže.



BTS - Timudej - Niké - DOP

Timelapse of one shot in stop motion music video Niké, made on multiplan table in Animation People studios.