Music video, 2015

The song "Sky" is a child’s prayer for the Mother Nature. It was written by Jan Lichtenberg in the late Eighties. The video is about a child who is ill at home. In his mind, he creates an imaginary ever- changing sky and comprehends things that the grow ups are already blind to.

Cast: Jindříšek Soukup
Written and Directed: Petronila Lichtenbergová Haušildová
Director of Photography: Nina Ščamborová
Editing: Petronela Haušildová Lichtenbergová and Nina Ščamborová

Song by Jan Lichtenberg
Shot on Sony FS100 + Atomos Ninja.
The visual part of the music video is based on a study of colours.
Different colours represent psychological changes within the boy’s world of fantasy.
The use of handheld and slowmotion makes his fantasy world more realistic and reflecs well his emotions.