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Short graduate film, 25 mins, FAMO 2015

A young student Richard Braquemont comes to Prague and settles in a hotel where three people committed suicide within the last month. These unpleasant circumstances give him an opportunity to stay in the hotel for free. The only condition is to stay alive! Everything goes according to his plan until he meets an unknown lady…
Based on a story “Spider” from Hans Ewers.

Jared Doreck
Lola Karpenka
Miroslav Hanuš
Kateřina Holanová
Petra Vraspírová
Šimon Pečenka
Story and Directing: Júlia Berezhnaya
Director of Photography: Nina Ščamborová
Editing: Alisa Telyatnikova
Sound: Jana Průšková
Production: Kryštof Liška , Dita Knotová
Produced by Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek

Shot on Sony FS100 + Atomos Ninja
The film is based on a visual style of a spectral fairytale, using classic principles of a dramatic work.