Short movie, fantasy, 2012, 20 min

One of them has children and a despotic husband. The other one has strict parents and feels lonely. Both of them are forced not to break that status quo. They will find refuge in their own world of fantasy, which is aroused during their secret telephone conversations. Klásek & Pampeliška (Stalkie & Dandelion) is a story of an unconventional love that can never be accepted by the sociaty. It brings up the question, whether one is strong enough to change his whole life for love.

J. Mia Habichová
Petra Ben Massaoud
Written and Directed: Petronela Lichtenbergová Haušildová
Director of Photography: Nina Ščamborová
Editing: Petr Zábrodský
Music and Sound: Jan Vacek
Production: Matěj Jurásek
Produced by SVOŠF s.r.o. v Písku.

Shot on Canon 5D Mark II.

Fantasy world of two lovers is pictured by naive children´s games such as making their own decorations and costums. The viewer is observing two different worlds that are joined together with interesting transitions combing images with different movements, color grading and editing principals.