TRACES OF MEMORY / Short road-movie  2020-DOP



Short road-movie Traces of Memory, created by Lucie Gukkertová is based on play by The Ann Wuehler Experience. Two women meet on the road. Neither

of them knows the other also committed a crime.

Handheld, static-smooth camera, compositions and real light is using as dramatic element for cooperate with a script to work with  gradual dramaturgy till

the end.


Directed: Lucie Gukkertová

Director of Photography: Nina Ščamborová

Editor: Daniel Bašta

Sound design: Vojtěch Zavadil

Colorgrading: Vojta Štetka

Make-up: Alice Kim

Costumes: Mikina von LosKeros, RecyDressy

Staring: Jenn Kirk, Daisy Kosmider and Anita Gregorec